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Find comforting accommodations for your vacations.


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Carmel Happy Landing


We welcome you warm-heartedly to our beautiful resort and vacation homes. Come and enjoy your holidays in luxury and comfort of our caring service.

Unique Rooms

Luxury rooms based on your choice and accommodation needs.

Dog Friendly

By ‘Family’ we mean everyone. All pets are welcome at under your watch.

Outdoor Fireplace

Take a walk through our gardens to the beautiful beach and take a dive into the seas.

Spacious Room

Accommodations for everyone. Book your rooms today.

Restaurant & Cafe

Try out our exclusive continental dishes made by the world-class chefs.

Free Pool Access

Enjoy our calming clean waters and relax under the sun at your private pools.

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  • planning

    9 Smart tips for planning the best B&B stay ever

    Make a timely order

    According to analysts, the best time to place an order is 45 days before. But if you want the date you want or plan a special event, you can order more. Are you planning to stay on Christmas Day, July 4th or any other important holiday? Book as soon as possible: in high season, rooms can quickly fill up and become more expensive. With ExtrasOK, you can find a cheap motel for $ 50 per day. It seems a lot cheaper than price of a stay. Remember the cancellation policy. Cancellation and change conditions vary from khan to khan. Before issuing a credit card, you should always consider the costs of cancellation. If the weather is bad or unhealthy, check insurance. As with cancellations, coverage and insurance levels vary widely. So read the fine print and see if the price is worth it.

    Weigh the extras

    But before placing an order, make calculations - this motel is inexpensive, but there may not be a fee. before you book, do some math: That motel may cost next to nothing, but it may also come with nothing. B&B rates include oodles of extras beyond breakfast. Common complimentary amenities include wine-and-cheese happy hours, warm cookies, bicycle rentals, beach umbrellas and more. Add to that a homemade meal each morning and the inherent value of personalized service, and the higher B&B rate actually may prove a much better deal.

    Map the location

    The charm of many lodging and snacks here. Inland, soft hills or forest paths or crowded residential areas. This calm and serenity sounds perfect, but you must take into account the cost and time required to get to and from your accommodation, tourist attractions, restaurants, bars, museums, etc. A cafeteria or the nearest pharmacy for several hours can be very complicated. (And ask about parking!).

    Bring or leave the loved ones

    Some B&B provide a peaceful atmosphere but Others have booked a room or building for their family, but B. Some public areas, such as swimming pools, bars or restaurants, are not accessible to children. Please read Khan's future instructions for your child before ordering. Even if children are allowed, you still need to learn about childcare facilities and activities. Some hotels offer playrooms, sports equipment, and even culinary or art events for children.

    Remember the residents pets

    One of the perks of a Band B is that you get to bring your furry friends along, and they make your stay a lot better than it actually is.

    Have breakfast your way

    Ordinary meals are not served in the morning and evening. As the trip becomes more convenient, many hotels offer breakfast during the trip. Freshly baked cookies and coffee, ready to eat. Others serve breakfast in the room (a cozy romantic treat for a honeymoon or anniversary). Some also have a shared kitchen where you can prepare breakfast, lunch and dinner at any time.

    Check reception hours

    Did you arrive very early? Do you want to be late? Please check your check-in time before planning your arrival and departure. Part B.

    Let them know, you’re on your way

    Give the caretakers or the reception workers a little heads up about the timing of your arrival .  ...

  • Romantic Places

    The 9 Most Romantic Places To Stay In The World

    If you’re planning on a honeymoon or a romantic trip with your special someone then you’ve come to the right place as we have gathered information from all over the world, analyzed facts and figures and deduced a list of 11 most romantic places for you and your loved one to spend quality time together.

    Paris, France

    When you think of romance and love, Paris is an obvious destination. With the winding Parisian streets, the flirtatious French language and the beautiful yet immense Eiffel tower leaning above your head makes this place a must visit for any couple.

    Santorini, Greece

    This is one of the most beautiful Greek islands present on Earth. The carefree people, hill top white cottages, corner boutiques and the blue expanse of Aegean beach makes this an absolute honeymoon location.

    The Maldives

    Maldives is one of the most beautiful island countries, and is also known as one of the most romantic places in the world where newly wed couples and other tourists come throughout the year to enjoy it’s natural beauty and beaches. Maldives is also famous for it’s great cuisine and friendly people.

    Goa, India

    Goa is a very famous place located in India , it is famous for it’s beautiful Beaches and an amazing nightlife. It is known as one of the most famous Honeymoon locations in the world .Goa is filled with gorgeous beaches and amazing beach side restaurants which light up the whole beach in the dark night.

    Alapuzha kerala

    Allepy is a small district in the heart of kerala which is famous for it’s intricate canals and beautiful backwaters which make it an ideal place for a romantic getaway with your loved one. Alapuzha is known as the venice of India due to the millions of backwater canals flowing through it

    Tokyo, China

    Tokyo is one of the most technologically advanced and developed country in the world it is also one of the busiest and the population is dense, but this doesn’t take away the fact that is a very beautiful place , millions of people visit Tokyo every year because of it’s mesmerizing beauty and vivid culture. The Chinese culture is famous for it’s amazing beauty and amazing customs.

    Rome, Italy

    The Italians are said to be the most romantic people in the world and the Country’s architecture and culture provide an amazing insight into how passionate Italians where about their food, culture and architecture. The beauty of Rome lies in it’s climate and the way that the city was built

    Hawaii, USA

    Hawaii is an island situated in the United states of America known very well for its amazing natural beauty and Crystal clean water and beautiful beaches that stretch as far as the eye can see.

    Manali, India

    Manali has beautiful snowcaped mountains and rivers and is the perfect place to go on a honeymoon trip with your significant othe.  ...

  • Top Table Manners

    Top Table Manners that You Should Have in a Casino

    Casinos are one of the most entertaining places where you can freely do anything you want while winning big money. But you also have to limit yourself to stay under the ethics of the casino as any discomfort caused to other guests by you can get you kicked out of the casino respectfully. There are certain manners which casino players posses which makes them have a good time with each other. If you want to enjoy your time playing at poker or blackjack tables, here are some tips for the right table etiquettes.

    Keep your phone away

    When you are playing as a table, the other players will expect you to concentrate on the game rather seeing you busy taking selfies. Try to keep your phone usage to the minimum during the games and if you have something important, take a break and leave the table. The other players will appreciate that you take your personal business away and will welcome you back at the table once you are done talking.

    Dress properly

    While some casinos do not have strict dress codes for the games, some casinos require their guests to follow a certain formal code. Do not be too casual if the casino you are visiting does not have rules for wearing dresses. You do not want to look like a joker in the middle of a neatly dressed crowd. If you are a man, choose a nice shirt and trousers, and women can try anything which is not too overdone.

    Drink in control

    Casinos will offer you drinks at the table. Sometimes you will also receive complimentary drinks, but that does not mean that you take advantage of the unlimited drinks. Remember that your priority at the table games is it play, not to drink. If you still want to get drunk, you can leave the table and drink at the bar. Otherwise, know your limits and say no to free drinks when you are done for the night.

    Behave with the dealer

    A dealer is supposed to take care of everyone at the table. There will be no exception in treating you any better or worse than the other players. Do not expect the dealer to always be helpful to you and be polite to them. You can also give them complimentary tips while you are winning, and ask them to encourage you when you lose. Do not blame your loses on the dealers. Mistreating them can force them to call security on you.

    Cashing out

    When you are done playing the games, stand up from the table and let the table managers do the job for you. Do not take your chips from the table. Casinos do not allow anyone to take the chips off the table. Just let the dealer know that you are done playing, and they will guide you to the cash counter....

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